Mistriotis Lab


Our research explores the use of engineering biophysics, cell and molecular biology and biochemistry to address critical issues in aging, cardiovascular diseases and cancer metastasis. Our key contributions are: 1) the development of a method to reverse stem cell aging for vascular rejuvenation; 2) the discovery of intracellular mechanisms regulating cell mechanosensing in confinement; 3) uncovering the underlying mechanobiological processes that affect cell migration.

Our team combines bioengineering assays (e.g. microfluidics), (stem) cell engineering, imaging, and molecular biology techniques with next generation sequencing, quantitative analysis and mathematical modeling in order to develop tools which will delineate the mechanisms responsible for the development and progression of (patho)physiological phenomena. We are particularly interested in exploring how biochemical and biophysical cues affect fundamental cellular processes such as migration, differentiation and gene expression in order to develop therapeutic interventions against the initiation and progression of cardiovascular diseases, cellular/organismal aging and cancer.

Research Funding

Research funding in detail

  1. Sponsor: National Institute of Health
    Project title: Administrative supplement for the purchase of a confocal microscope
    Budget: $250,000
    Dates: 07/01/2023-06/30/2024
    PI: Dr. Panagiotis Mistriotis

  2. Sponsor: National Institute of Health
    Project title: Cell mechanoresponses in physiologically relevant microenvironments
    Budget: $1,865,315
    Dates: 08/10/2022-06/31/2027
    PI: Dr. Panagiotis Mistriotis

  3. Sponsor: American Heart Association
    Project title: The contributions of cytokinesis proteins to smooth muscle cell function in health and disease
    Budget: $231,000
    Dates: 04/01/2022-03/31/2025
    PI: Dr. Panagiotis Mistriotis

  4. Sponsor: Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama
    Project title: Integrating bioengineering tools, genome-wide genetic screens and in vivo models to discover new determinants of triple negative breast cancer cell invasion
    Budget: $69,414
    Dates: 12/15/2021-12/14/2022
    PIs: Dr. Panagiotis Mistriotis (70%), Dr. Robert Rusty Arnold (30%)

  5. Sponsor: National Blood Foundation
    Project title: Eliminating senescent bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells using microfluidics
    Budget: $74,868
    Dates: 07/01/2021-06/30/2023
    PI: Dr. Panagiotis Mistriotis

  6. Sponsor: Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Auburn University
    Project title: Bioengineering tools to uncover the mechanisms of human mesenchymal stem cell migration
    Budget: $50,000
    Dates: 07/01/2021-06/30/2023
    PI: Dr. Panagiotis Mistriotis